Leaving BT to Virgin Media

Posted 14th Feb 2017
So I am leaving BT for Virgin and I just wanted to ask if we actually needed to call BT and let them know we are cancelling as all I did so far is order from virgin and next day got this email from BT


Another service provider has told us you want to move your phone line and broadband over to them on 21-Feb-2017. So we're taking this as notice that you want to stop these services with us on that date.

If that's not right, or you've changed your mind, please get in touch with us on 0800 345 7311 as soon as you can. The sooner you call us the easier it is to change things. If we don't hear from you by 2pm on 17-Feb-2017, your services will automatically be moved on 21-Feb-2017.
When you leave BT

We'll send you a final bill with the amount you need to pay. It'll include charges for the services you have with us, up to and including 21-Feb-2017. We'll take this payment in the same way we took your previous payments. So, if you've been paying by Direct Debit or Monthly Payment Plan, please don't cancel it until we've taken your final payment. This means the credit or debit balance you have can go towards your final bill, and you'll get any refund due to you faster by Direct Debit than cheque.
Charges for ending your contract early

You won't have to pay any charges for ending your contract.
Charge for stopping your broadband

You'll need to pay a £31.00 charge for us to stop your broadband.
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