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    Please can anyone help - i want to leave feedback for things sold on the FS board and have read the relevant thread but still can't work out how to do it. Do I physically have to type in the deal thread title and the poster name or is there some way to click through to this? Please can your answers be very simple as to what to do. Thank you.


    on the original thread under the opening post there is the sellers feedback click on that and then click on the add feedback button. The next page there is a pull down menu look through that for the relavant thread and click on it and leavefeedback. its a pain to find the right thread but....

    Clcik here;…ack

    Type the users name into the search box, when it comes up click add feedback

    In the white drop down box is all the fs ft threads that user has ever posted in. The newest thread is at the bottom so it's always best to start there and scroll up.

    When you've foundd it choose positive / negative / neutral, write your comment and click submit feedback.

    Feedback can only be left once per thread so if someone has already left feedback for that thread just chose a random one but type in the comments that it's for the wrong thread. You can put the link to the right thread if you really want to.

    Original Poster

    Thank you so much both of you - I would never have worked that out on my own. Rep added for you both.
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