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    currently in my thread i have left 4 people feedback so far and need to leave more feedback for other buyers, is there anything i can do now to leave them feedback as it says the thread has reached its maximum feedback left.

    pretty stupid considering i didnt want to flood the forums with one thread for each game, and now i have items left for sale with which i wont be able to leave feedback for.

    anyway to get around this? a mod able to allow more feedback to be left? or do the people who buy from me now have to do so without receiving feedback for the transaction


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    bump, anyone?


    speak to a mod they will prob sort it for you

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    pm'd asb but no reply.... anyone?



    pm'd asb but no reply.... anyone?


    We require to recharge our batteries, hence a particular mod might not always be here 24/7.

    With regards to your query, its a known issue at present. There is a restriction of 5 feedback per listing however we have previously recorded the issue and will publish a response when we have this limit increased or removed altogether.

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