Lebara data usage letter problem

Posted 19th Nov 2023 (Posted 13 h, 19 m ago)
Hi all, my 13 years old bought iPhone 13 with all her 13 years saving and dropped outside her dojo class thinking she dropped inside the car and only told me after 2 hrs when I pick her up, I check the premises camera and somone picked it up and gone. Claim my insurance they ask for Data usage, contact lebara 4 times total I was on chat and phone over 3hrs and first 3 times they promised to send it to me in 48 to 72 hrs but 4th time they ask me to send proof of purchase I told them for Data usage you don't need that finally they agreed on the hat they sill send it again it's been 4 days got nothing, my little girl is already heartbroken but this delay is affecting her soo much because now she lose hope she completely she won't even get it back from insurance, as its been nearly 3 weeks pass, I did call insurance and they said I need to keep calling lebara they can't accept claim without data usage where it shows my IMEI, can anyone please help who should I contact and complaint, oh and I post 1 star review on TP they replied under my review to send them email (to show people they care) but I sent an email to them 4 days ago but they didn't reply,
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    What exactly (down the exact £) are you claiming from your insurance company and what for?
    Or. perhaps what are you hoping to be paid out to you?
    A little perspective here may just concentrate minds on what is worth pursuing and what is not.
    Also what exactly do the T&Cs say on your insurance policy - I'm just trying to find out whether the insurance company request is reasonable. (edited)
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    My daughter 13 bought phone 13 with her own pocket/bday money which she save in last 10 years for £799 and lost it after 5 days, I sent proof of purchase to insurance as requested then they ask for barring letter and data usage from my network to see if I was actually using that phone. Do understand at all why they need that, as they got proof of purchase and they confirmed it's already barrd by Vodafone after my first call to lebara, but they still need data usage and lebara not helping and insurance with (barclays) they use likewise they said they can't do anything without letter and can't afford to lose £800 even I still have to pay £150 excess
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    Thought you could log into your lebara account on the website and view your usage?
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    Yes you can view how much you use, but insurance need full usage sheet which shows the IMEI number of the phone you were using the sim in.
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    Surely this is info you can get from logging in to your account? I don't trust Lebara as I was called a liar in the chat (which I posted on here a while back) and they still try to take money despite the fact that I turned off auto renew.
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    Thank you but I can't get it online
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    I have never heard of IMEI on data usage. Sounds very strange to me. Why would the insurer need a data usage showing the phone IMEI?

    This isn't standard stuff that mobile providers send out, so it isn't surprising that Lebara isn't sending it to you as they are a cheap network provider, so they wouldn't have the facility to send out bespoke individual stuff like that! And I would expect other mobile providers to charge for providing this sort of information, even if they do so. (edited)
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    I'd guess (date&timestamped) data usage history may provide a reasonable indication as to when the specific SIM (in handset) alledgedly went AWOL.
    Whether requesting / obtaining that info is reasonable is another matter.
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    I am yet to see anyone show the IMEI on the bill. Since the insurance company is asking for it, perhaps they know how to get it and can tell you?
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    bills do not show IMEI number as this isn't needed for billing purpose. i would think it is possible to get but it would require someone to physicallly go and dig it up from their data storage, which could take a while to do!
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    Proof of usage documents are only made for pay monthly contracts. Lebara is a pay as you go network that does monthly bundle subscriptions.

    I highly doubt their system is equipped to generate such paperwork.
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