Posted 13th Oct 2022
Anyone know if Lebara allow eSim? just setting up my Pixel 7 and would be good if I can use one.
Google says yes but the Lebara site with the info isn't the UK one.
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    No, eSIM support in the UK is pretty dreadful. Only the main networks have them really. I think Virgin mobile is the only MVNO that has them.
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    eyebaws Author
    Cheers bud. Saves me continuing my search on Google!
  2. harrythefish's avatar
    For me the opposite, have physical Lebara SIM, keeping it, but need an eSIM for travel, so another phone that does both was in order.
  3. 43tr's avatar
    I'm hoping for the same. One day we will be living in the future
  4. Bezbozny's avatar
    Hopefully they will enable esims this year as more and more phones will be using the feature.
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