Posted 10th Jul 2022
Just my 2 cents, Lebara unlimited is great but I noticed that once I put the sim card in my D-Link DWR-921-E383 4g/LTE router,the day after, the kids' Amazon tablets started to have issues while trying to stream YouTube/Kids and me too..I don't think it was the APN settings the problem,it didn't matter if I used the or the; I think they apply some filtering if you stick the sim in an unrecognized device different from a phone.

My solution was to to use Cloudflare's DNS in the router, I used the family ones: as primary and as secondary.

After that everything was back to smooth normal.

Hope it might help someone with similar situation.

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    did you also try google or ?

    Just curiousabout this whole "control via server" malarkey.
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    Would be reasonably highly questionable for an OFCOM-regulated cellular service provider to choose to actively flout Net Neutrality legislation that specifically requires providers of internet access services to:
    ...treat all traffic equally without discrimination, restriction or interference, and irrespective of... the terminal equipment used...
    and likely even moreso for an MVNO where its source network will not want to be seen to be assisting / tolerating abuse of its core network services.…ted

    Otherwise: OFCOM complaints…ing
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