Posted 5th Sep 2022
I got a 30 days sim plan from Lebara. It has auto set up.

How do you set a spend cap on the plan? Also, can you actually bar international and premium numbers being called from the sim like you can with other mobile providers?
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    In the app.
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    Actually I don't think you can go over your allowance.
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    I put a sticky (additional info) on one of the Lebara threads:…870

    If you go over 12GB data - data stops working till your renewal date, everything else works as normal (some are ordering extra 1p a month SIMs to get round this).
    usenetz (thanks) also says (about going over the 12GB data allowance): here
    Thanks also to usenetz: here

    (not sure if one of the links has been removed as they were different comments originally)
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    You can't go over your allowance.
    Your prepaid fee covers up to the limits that you are contracted for. To go beyond that you have to add money to the top up account, or buy another plan. Up to 4 can be held per number.
    You cannot exceed the value of the top up account. The only money Lebara take from your bank account is the fixed monthly fee.
    Premium rated would come from the top up.
    Simple way out. Add nothing to the top up account.
    To track your data etc, use the monitor that your phone is equiped with, remembering to adjust the start date and limit as appropriate.
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    i have the auto top up set to top up £5 when the balance reaches £3. this was the default when i set up my account. should i set this to off? i think this is different to auto renewal? i think i have auto renewal so that it renews every 30 days automatically.

    strike that. i think it is default to no top-up and i need to click the top up to get the above, which from the comments mean i won't go over the allowance if i leave the auto top up off, right? (edited)
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    Set up a notification in your phone under data usage so it warns you when you get to a certain amount of data (maybe 10gb)
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    To make thinks clearer in your thinking, remove "auto" from "auto top up". Thus keeping "auto renew" and "top up" as 2 clearly non mixable entities
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