Posted 30th Nov 2022
I sent my PAC code to Asda Mobile on Monday and port appeared to go through on Tuesday. Today Wednesday, I tried to get PAC code from Asda to port back to Lebara but cannot get a PAC code ! What is the normal timeframe to be able to get a PAC code doing the Lebara Adsa dance? I have tried online and via text. Thanks for any advice
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    The day after your port completes you can request your PAC Code and leave again.

    If you can't get your PAC then you'll have to contact customer services to request it. Just give them a call. 2732 I believe is the number.

    Are you able to receive calls and texts from both Vodafone-based networks and non-Vodafone networks? Try both before you reach out to customer services. One of the reasons why you might not be able to generate a PAC is if a 'split port' has happened - This means that the files given from Lebara to ASDA Were corrupted or incorrectly transferred. These would need to get re-processed before you can leave again otherwise your phone number would be unusable and lost forever.

    If it is indeed a split port and you can't receive both calls and texts from a range of different phone networks, then I suggest you buy yourself a bundle from Asda as you'll be sticking with them for a little while before it's fixed.
    Thanks for quick reply. As a low user and a pensioner, I have only received a call from a virgin number as I mainly use whatsapp for most things. I have received texts from online banking etc. Sadly I dont get many calls so do not know who would be vodafone. PAC text just says sorry your PAC request is being processed by your new network provider and cannot be cancelled. Your current mobile number will become inactive on chosen port date. I had to call Asda CS twice as my online account was suspended.
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    Top up your Asda sim with the minimum amount and call customer services.
    You don't need to top-up Asda sim to talk CS.
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    Allow at least 24 hours from the time you are actually live on the new network before you starting faffing around.
    Line up a friend on Three to call you, as I have found that network is often blocked if the porting went wrong.
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    Just an update - It took me over a week to resolve this with Asda Customer Services. There was no split port issue, but they had retained my mobile number and details and suspended it on their system. After complaining. I eventually got a call from a Senior Manager,, he knew I was port dancing between Lebara and them and and done so before. I had no choice but to buy a 1 month £5 bundle which is the minimum even on PAYG and my number was activated on their system and a PAC code finally released. I could receive calls and texts during this period. Your details are no longer deleted and retained for a min 270 days as per T&Cs but your number is suspended within their system. I guess making it difficult. This is just my experience. Others claim to port dance several times with no issues. Guess you take your chance.

    Thank you all for your comments.
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    The amount of hassle doing the port dance with Lebara sim just isn't worth it. It happens on a regular basis.
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