Lebara users - how do you connect to the wifi on the London Underground?

Posted 13th Sep 2022
Recently switched to Lebara from Three, and realised I can no longer connect to the Wifi on the London Underground. Any suggestions on how to do this with a Lebara sim?
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    Lebara don't and yes voda also stopped. So just wondering if there is another way around it? (edited)
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    The cheapest way to do this used to be to get a free Three PAYG SIM, stick the £2 minimum topup on it, and make one call or send one text every month to keep the free Underground wifi active. I used to do this when Three used the manual login method on a Data Reward SIM.

    Whilst their PAYG rates have changed from the 321 plan they had in the past, and they now use a different way of logging onto the wifi, I imagine that route still works, and the cheapest call to keep the Underground wifi live month-after-month might now be a short 1p international call to Canada using the three digit shortcode before the number or, if that doesn't work, a 3p call to a USA number. This is assuming the pricing on their international calls page is current.
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