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Found 8th Oct 2017
Can you please suggest LED floodlight with motion sensor. We are not quite a DIY people so not very savvy so looking for simple set ups actually.. please let us know any tips & suggestions and good offers..
THanks in advance..
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I'm looking for one too. Found this one on amazon seems to fit the bill. Perhaps someone will be able to let us know.

Amazon Link Here
Actually, looking at it now I see it does not have a PIR
Have a look at the Mpow ones on amazon. I have several of them and they get superb reviews.
Screwfix have a good selection. However, in my experience LED flood lights come with a short cable attached unlike halogen ones where you wire to the terminals inside the unit. This means you will need to install a waterproof junction box as well which may be an issue if you have limited DIY skills. Avoid eBay ones, been there, done that, only lasted a few months.
This is the 20 LED MPOW one from Amazon in action. I have that and a couple of 8 LED ones in the garden. They are solar powered and stupidly easy to set up. 32219933-A34n0.jpg

Here is the item on Amazon amazon.co.uk/Mpo…led

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