LED lighting

Found 11th Aug
Thinking of replacing Circular 60W fluorescent with LED, but they seem not to list the stats other than wattage - thinking of a circular LED fitting.

Any idea what LED wattage I should be looking for?

Actually, since the glass diffuser is quite nice, I'd really like to retrofit, but not seen circular LED tube replacements, my other thought being perhaps to fill the space with several LED strips, but then there's how much would be needed, as well as the driver.
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Something like this or this.

If the glass is not diffused well you might want to diffuse the light a little. Baking paper works well.
Oh yes, The driver would probably fit nicely in the bracket space, hadn't seen those open panels before, and sounds like 24W would be somewhere between the 40 and 60 tube, if 15W is close to a 32W tube - they were originally 60, but one ended up refitted to 40
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