Found 21st May 2010
I have a TV mounted on a board, on a wall. There is a gap of about 5cm between the board and the wall and I was thinking of putting some sort of lighting down each side (hidden) to create a glow effect either side (ambient setting)

What sort of lights do this? Is it a LED lighting strip? Can you get them battery operated and if so where is the best place to get them from? They don't have to be battery operated im just thinking of keeping plug sockets free.



LED would be the best option. You can get them in Maplin or anywhere online. I'd go to Maplin and ask them to show me how they look like first.

Either that or a couple of cold cathod tubes, like the ones used for PC moding

I am after the same effect. I got hold of a LED Christmas tree lighting set. Cant remember where from though, but they will do the same job and can be cheaper than a "kit".
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