hi i was looking at getting one of these sets for my sons room how easy are they to put up and can you have say some behind the tv and some behind his computer desk or do they need to stay connected?


    Do you have a particular product in mind? As LED lights won't narrow down your search.

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    the kind that come in strips and you stick onto things i did attach a photo but its not showing for some reason

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    item number 252124568803 on ebay

    For tv they do a set that runs off the 5 volt tv usb socket. Would drive me mad though watching TV. If your buying an all in one kit, then it's no problem. Just follow the easy instructions. You have to have a good surface to stick them to that can handle them getting Warm. I use cheap plastic small cable trunking as a surface to stick led lights to sometimes. Fix trunking on first. Shelfs and plastic I just peal off tape and stick on

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