LED lights/bulbs

    Hi people
    Looking for LED lights. They need to be 1 Watt each, and i need to be able to pick the wavelength in nanometers.
    Type of ranges ideally would be:-
    440nm, 470nm, 525nm, 640nm, 660nm, 740nm

    Cheers for anyhelp


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    Yeah, it is a bit bit specific lol, wanted them for growing plants.
    Thanks for the links, tried them before, sadly no luck

    Have you tried tropical/marine fish shops

    I dont know if they are the same wave length

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    Have been looking around places like fish shops ect. Amazon has the low wattage LED lights, pre-built units for around £20, but they don't seem that good for growing, the next step up, using 1 watt bulbs, the units jump up to the £90 mark. Which is not bad lol...but i only wanted it for testing on an aeroponics system. But thanks for the help, and links, much appreciated

    didn't want to post a brand new question hence have resurrected this thread.

    whats the difference between all the different types of LED lights. house is being renovated and looking to buy a shed load of dimmable LED lights for the house. just needed a quick guide on the pro's and con's on the different types of LED lights like GU10. how does that differ to the other types? which are the most common ones?
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