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Found 9th Nov 2017

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of strip lighting from China in particular?

I have seen some Xiaomi strip lighting on here in recent months and I am keen to install some in the kitchen but on a budget as a kind of trial.

Ideally, I would like some smart strip lighting so I can have them come on at a certain time and control them without having to flick a switch etc etc.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations and also some info about the setup and installation?

Thanks in advance!
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Got LE 12v sold by neon mart via amazon cost £17.99, they r ok but think u need a smart plug to control them how u want but I might be wrong
I got a generic set I put in the conservatory that stopped working after a year of very very light use
As above I got a cheap set from Amazon costing £17 at the time. Only lasted 3 months before they stopped working. Got another and they did same too. We’re not used much neither.
Thanks for the replies. I need about four metres of it and I want them to work in the same way as the yeelights that are sold by Xiaomi. I have got them set up to come on at a certain time. I just think our kitchen would be finished off with the strip lights.
I have LED strips both below the pelmets and above the cornice - really improves the lighting and the mood in the kitchen. I'd recommend cool white - warm white makes the room appear grubby whereas cool white makes it appear clean!

I bought the kit seperate from ebay - 5m lengths of waterproof LED strip lighting (like this ebay.co.uk/itm…gXv), a 12V transformer and connectors (like ebay.co.uk/itm…sOA) and soldered them together (plenty of youtube videos on how to do it). Had mine all over a year and still working no problem.

I have mine controlled by a remote control and/or Amazon Echo - using remote control sockets and a Broadlink RM Pro (again many videos on youtube). The Echo/RM Pro setup is useful if you want to have several bits of automated kit but if you just want to control one set of lights then it would be cheaper with a Sonoff switch ( banggood.com/DIY…=CN ) which you can switch on/off manuallly or via a phone app as well as set up timers.

It would be simpler just to buy a complete kit but doing it with seperates is a lot cheaper, more fun to do and gives you exactly what you want rather than a compromise.
I am thinking of just purchasing a couple of smart plugs and connecting them up with some strip lights to give me the control.

The problem I have is the shape of my kitchen. It is an L shape. The shortest length is around 2m wide at one end, then the long end is about 2m, then I have a dishwasher and then another 600mm length - so effectively, I would need three lengths!
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