LED strip lighting from Banggood - where do I cut?

Found 27th Nov 2017
Ok, my LED strip lighting arrived today and all 15 metres of it works fine but it will need to be trimmed and this is where my question lies.

It says to follow the cutting lines but there are none on there. Where should I cut? I was planning on fitting them tomorrow but they will need cutting. 2843198-en317.jpg
Would appreciate any advice you can offer.

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The picture is not so good but there are two sort of shiny oval marks in the centre of the strip in that picture. I wonder if that is where I cut?
turn it over the markings may be on the back
My best guess (based on having cut led strip before that DID have markings) would be to cut it straight down the middle of the oval contact points (as previously mentioned) these contacts are the points where you can create joins so it makes sense that you would cut here to me.
There are no markings on the back, I did look but there are none at all. I was thinking that the oval contact points would be the place to cut but that isn't completely obvious to someone who has not done this before, so I thought it was strange there wasn't more information.

Thanks for link, it does look as though it is the oval contact points judging by the pictures.
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