LED Strip Lighting Recommendations for New Kitchen

Found 24th Aug 2017
Hi Hukders

Please could you tech savvy people advise a novice which products are recommended for LED strip lights for a Kitchen

1) under a worktop of about a length of 6m
2) Under wall units of about 4m
3) Also under worktop for an Island (Island length 3m) possibly the full perimeter (7.2m)

The kitchen layout is an L shape with an Island:

I would like to set them up so they are all connected together to a single PIR sensor on the ceiling in the middle of the kitchen and can be also switched off completely with a wall switch. Can I also use a remote to change the colours with this configuration?

What configuration of wiring would I need for this/ materials/ products.

Any help/ links/ pictures would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you in Advance

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Hi Kev. I'm not the best source of info as I'm probably going down the same path as you shortly adding lighting to a new kitchen. Im sure someone else will know more than me. My plan if I do use strip will be to either get it voice activated or use a proximity sensor. I could either go for Philips Hue - as I already had a large number of hue bulbs - or use a Hue compatible driver with cheap decent quality strip. That the extent of the thinking I've done so far. My next trip out I'm voice enabling my aircons and putting coloured Hue lights in the bathroom.
I've got just the one LED strip light under my kitchen cabinets at the moment - didn't really need it to go everywhere.

Question is do you want to light up all the kitchen worktops at once? Although if you have multiple strips you will need multiple adapters (adapter on Amazon) The strip light I got is only 1 metre in length but very bright, so if you had a 6m length you might need sunglasses
Plenty of reasonable deals for longer length strips, with multi-coloured options - (party in the kitchen?)

There are deals on E-bay, but they don't seem quite as good as the Amazon ones.

P.S the glue on the sticky sides of the strips probably wont stick very well (maybe ok on clean formica), I had to use a borrowed industrial stapler to keep mine in place.
I have since tidied up the loose cable...
I did this in my kitchen beginning of the year. Is a bitty job to do but well worth it as it improves the lighting in the kitchen and gives a very professional look!

Bought the kit off Amazon and ebay. Agree that for the strips that Amazon was cheaper at the time. Something like this ebay.co.uk/itm…rue

I watched a variety of youtube videos on how to do it.

First thing is to plan cable runs. I put power sockets on top of the wall units which can't be seen due to the cornice. I plugged the transformers (have 3 LED circuits in the kitchen so that I can light up each area separately) into these sockets then run the wiring (12V bell wire) down inside the wall units to get to the underside. I also have LED strip lighting above the units which reflects off the ceiling - so when on no need to the main kitchen lights to be on.

I attached the LED strip to new thin timber strips which I then screwed to the underside of the wall units. Best stuff to use is aluminium strip but I thought that too expensive. I did two strips per length to get the necessary brightness - using 300 LED strip. I soldered the strips together - easy to do, just watch some youtube videos first and in places used appropriate connectors - (found this type useful) ebay.co.uk/itm…p1B

I used cool white LEDs - I did experiment with colours which was my first thought but it's not something that I felt I would use after the first week. I also trialled warm white but it made the kitchen look grubby - cool white makes the kitchen look clean.

Key points - plan cable runs, buy waterproof LED strips, ensure you purchase a transformer(s) rated higher than you need, plan location of all joints, learn to solder, experiment before final fix!
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I got mine from Ikea no faff just a few screws in to underside of cabinets and on top. £70 total. I later added a wireless controller for use with my iPhone that I got from a Chinese seller on Amazon for about £24. Hardest bit was adding that but even that wasn't that bad. Just cut off the ikea controller and passed the wires in to the new wifi module.
PS water proof LED strip is a bit over kill in my view because most LED strip will survive fine in the kitchen unless you are going to splash them constantly or boil a kettle right underneath them.
I did the same as BigFootPete has done. Bought the strips off eBay and stuck to the underside of the cabinet. I had a single long run that I put 2 parallel strips on. This meant cutting the strip and soldering wire where they turned back on themselves. I had previously had old style lights so installed a transformer on the underside of the cabinet. Just be careful to work out current draw. I needed to get a bigger transformer for my long run.

I have a pelmet on the bottom of my cabinets which hides it all. Only issues have been the adhesive is not very good and the lights are starting to yellow which may mean I need to replace them.
For such project I would go with amazon.co.uk/dp/…QQ/ and some LED strip, depending on what brightness you need. Possibly like amazon.co.uk/dp/…M8/, but a waterproof version. Again - depends on your kitchen. This will add it nicely to Hue Ecosystem (I just think it is the most mature one from available on the market), if you have one, and will work nicely with Alexa. Or you can go with IKEA components, that works over ZigBee as well.

Don't forget about aluminum guides/radiators as light-strips can become quite hot.

Don't forget that cheap LED-strips can have really low CRI (while you want a decent light quality for food-preparation area). And decide whether you want warm or cold white light there.
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