Led TV- advice please.

    I'm looking to buy a new TV.
    I'm thinking 42 - 46 inches Smart LED

    Not bothered about 3D but if it has it fine.
    Same again with 4k, happy to have it if the price is OK.

    I currently have a Sony 37 LCD and the picture quality is very good in SD and HD... I'd like to make sure any new TV is also OK for SD TV.

    Smart features I'm after are iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD and 5player. it would also be nice to be able to stream to it, anything extra is a bonus..

    some TVs I've seen seem to have a slow interface, I'd like something I'm not waiting for!

    Any suggestions and advice ?


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    I got one of the 42" Sony TV's from Appollo Direct a few weeks ago, upgraded from an old 42" LG LCD and couldn't be happier. Picture quality is excellent for gaming, not sure about gaming lag as its 200hz but it's very vivid. The sound is a bit poor on it's standard settings but when customised it does sound better.

    Oh, the tv is also incredibly light in terms of weight.

    Sony KDL42W705BBU…Y6W

    i have this and the picture is perfect its a smart tv nd is 4k aand uhd as a extra bonus

    Original Poster

    What are these models like for the smart functions ?
    Does they require a wireless dongle ?

    Any other models ? I'm looking to spend a max of £750.00, happy to go less. may go more if the TV is a good deal.
    I'll also be looking for a sound bar.


    I have a 42" LG smart 3D tv and love it, lots of different types of LG out their . look what deals you can get via top cash back etc, also put in discount codes for currys, argos, pixmania, etc and see what savings you can get that way too. You should be able to get a good 42"-48" tv for under £500/£600. lots of other great makes too but if you do get 3D go for the cinema style 3D which have lighter glasses, which LG do.. Samsung do the other style which have a battery in and they flicker which may cause headaches over long useage,

    Think Samsung are the only smart tv to have all those ondemand players.
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