Led TV / soundbar ARC set up?

Found 8th Sep 2017
Got a new LED tv this week. sound is too tinny compared to my previous Plasma so am gonna buy a soundbar to give me better sound.

I want to connect my Sky HD box and Playstation 4 to the TV and soundbar via ARC.

My TV has 1 HDMI port that says ARC.

how do I set this all up?
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I believe, you want the soundbar hooked up to the telly's ARC HDMI port, and everything else into its other HDMIs. The telly should then send the sound from whatever you're watching down the cable to your soundbar by the magic of ARC.
Dont I need a soundbar with a few hdmis on it for each device?
You shouldn't need ARC for this setup. You would plug the soundbar into the TV, say with optical. Set the TV to output with that. Then plug your devices into the TV.

ARC is useful if the soundbar is connected via HDMI. Is that necessary for you?
Well yes as I want my TV remote to control the Soundbar .. and I'd like it to auto switch on when the TV comes on
Ah alright. Then make sure it supports CEC.
Whats CEC ?

You don't need HDMIs from your each of your devices. The TV sends the audio signal through ARC for whatever playback/games console you are using on the TV.

Some TVs are better through optical cable as the integration can be a little tricky, my B6 and Soundtouch can be a little tricky to get going through ARC, probably because I only connect the power to Sound bar when watching Films as I don't really see the merit in watching Jeremy Kyle with soundbar sound.
If I set up ARC then will the soundbar come on automatically and go into standby when I switch the TV on / off

The TV is a Panasonic Dx750.. do I also need the same brand of soundbar to have this set up? Not wanting anything ridiculously loud and bassy.. just a bit more depth compared to the TVs speakers
A rangers fan with a new tv? Where u steal that from lol
makershaker2 h, 30 m ago

Whats CEC ?

CEC will allow you to control the soundbar with the TV remote (directly through the TV using HDMI) or you could use a universal remote.

I still think optical will suffice. HDMI is a bit more complicated. Unless you have a 5.1 surround sound system for example, I wouldn't say HD codecs are that important. Unless you require it.
I just dont want a Sky , TV and soundbar remote lying around.
Would make more sense to use optical and not HDMI. And purchase a universal remote to control all your IR devices. This will avoid ARC complications.
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Whats complicated about ARC ?
makershaker1 h, 13 m ago

Whats complicated about ARC ?

Sometimes devices don't play well with each other.
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