LED TV Wall Bracket?

    Just ordered a 42" LG Edge Lit LE5300 TV, but I'm having trouble finding a wall mount as I don't know exactly which one to go for. I want it to be as close to the wall as possible without spending more than £35. I found these two on ebay but they are to different styles but apparently both work with my tv:




    I also saw this one:…tml

    But I don't understand which one to get as they look different and I have seen many in different price ranges, but am completely clueless as the last tv i bought came with a wall mount.

    Which one should i go for, or am i looking at the wrong thing?



    Ebay links wont work ... if you post item number people may be able to help.

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    Sorry about that its: 280559179930


    Tv might come tomorrow so would love some help today

    the TV should state a VESA settings 200x200 or 200x400 - when you buy the wall bracket, make sure the bracket supports the VESA settings (think most LG are 200x200 as both my 42" LG Plasma are wall mounted)

    I bought some cheapo ones from EBay for 10 quid and as long as your bolt the wall bracket to a solid brick wall then it will be fine,

    I have had both my TV's wall mounted for over 1 year now and no problems

    also make sure you have enought space between the wall and the TV when wall mounted or else you may have problems getting the cables into back of TV
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    get yerself down to asda, cheap wall brackets.

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    It's 200x200 but I was wondering is there any difference between buying different brackets like the ones I have posted? As I don't need swivel and tilt, so should I be spending more than £35?

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    Anyone? I need to buy one tomorrow if I want it by next week for when my tv arrives.


    Anyone? I need to buy one tomorrow if I want it by next week for when my … Anyone? I need to buy one tomorrow if I want it by next week for when my tv arrives.

    hi, i PM u earlier but i don't think the pictures were sent. If someone can explain how i attach photos to a post or message i can show you the one i purchased today

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    Could u upload them to and then click on the pictures once u have uploaded them and send the link to the picture through pm or post on here.

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