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    Looking at buying a new television, and was wondering whether LED's are actually worth it? It's got to be at least 42 inch, preferably bigger. The best i've seen so far is at John Lewis for the 46 inch, which was £1,799 with 5 years guarantee.

    But im a bit hesitant to spend so much, if in a month or two it suddenly becomes cheaper. Also don't mind getting a Plasma if the price is good etc.

    I basically just want a good tv lol, but also at a good price. Its going to be the main living room tv, so it can't be a cheap one. I just feel that with the current price of televisions, isn't £1,500+ for a television a bit too pricey?

    Any information would be grateful.

    Thank you


    Quite a few comments about them on my old LED thread from a while back…e=7

    Where that makes you any the wiser is another matter tho, what type of TV is best is an area where everyone seems to have differing opinions!

    + only £1138 delivered here:…tml

    you prob looked at the 7000 which has extra multi media features but exactly the same screen as the 6000

    Personally id go view some in the flesh and compare the picture quality

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    Thing is, i did go to Comet and see some in the flesh and the picture on an LED was amazing. Though it was unfair to compare, as they were just playing a Blu-Ray disc on them, whereas the Plasma's etc just had freeview or whatever. They did show some freeview HD channed on a plasma and it looked okay, but the LED was amazing.

    Also the LED seems to be a LOT thinner, though i guess it doesnt matter too much if it's just going on the wall anyway.

    I heard a rumour regarding the prices of LED TV's in that they are patented for a while to Samsung. (About a year or so). So the prices are going to go down for quite a while yet, as only Samsung will be making them. Heard this a couple of places though am unsure if it's true.

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