Left 4 dead

    Can anyone point me at the thread for the above from tesco entertainment

    Been off line for a while so want to update on how peoples card repayments are going



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    Still not showing in my account although they are saying it is done?

    I got mine refunded 3 days afterwards:thumbsup: If you still havent got it i would contact tesco and find out whats going on its meant to take 3-5 working days to get your money back. Did the money actually go out of your account and said tesco entertainment on your account or was it just being held?

    the porter;7151864

    i was refunded the amount first then a day later they took the amount

    same here, mine shows it as a refund before a payment out

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    Shows as going out but nothing going back in, I just spoke to Tesco and they said they have had some "problems" and are looking into it.

    The repayment is showing as failed on the system according to them

    Not used them before and have to say based on this may not again

    I Got Refunded For The 3 I Bought And Got A £2 Voucher So Bought That Merry Madagascar For £3 For The Kids

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    Still nothing!!!!

    It may come to your attention that you have been charged for the game primarily and other customers managed to receive their orders. Orders which were placed before this error was reported have gone through our dispatch process and were sent to the customer. As soon as the mistake was brought to our attention, we corrected the price on the website and made our customers aware that any outstanding orders wouldn't be fulfilled. We can confirm that a full refund has been issued back to your account if you had been charged for the order and might take up to 10 working days for the refund to appear in your account

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    cheers for that

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    What a shower of ars=*oles these guys are I have been ringing since 8.00 this morning an have still not had an answer

    Money still not back in my account, anyone else still having problems

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    Have been trying now for 2 days to get through to the shower and despite holding on for hours still cant get through, if anyone has a direct number for tesco entertainment I would be grateful

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    Apparently due to my card expiring at the end of the month the credit was returned!?!?!?

    Finally got some joy and they credited my ewallet with £20

    Still a bunch of tossers though!!!!

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    And amazingly enough after finally spending the £20 on Tekken 6on 1st of Jan

    Just had an e-mail cancelling my order!!!

    What a shower of ****wits these guys are!!!

    And you cant actually e-mail anyone only ring an 0845 number

    **** hats!!!
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