Left 4 Dead - Best Prices for PC/Xbox360 ?

    As we approach the EU release date 21st Nov thought it would be good for us to use our tasty brains and post the best deals for what looks like a truly great multi-player game.

    Best I've seen so far has been GAME: £26.99 + 9% quidco = £24.56 for the PC version. I've not really checked out x360 prices as am not looking for this format but those who are rather than start another thread may aswell post here. The £26.99 price is pretty steady across the usual sites such as, Amazon, GAME etc the only saviour being the quidco discount.
    I'm not aware any special editions are due out but if there is please post, would be quite interested to see what's on offer being a zombie fan.

    Those who haven't checked out the game can have a peek at some footage here


    I'm waiting for the demo on the 11th before I pre-order, considering valve haven't been great at atmosphere in the past I'm a bit dubious as to whether they can make a decent zombie survival game.

    I've not seen it any cheaper though.
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