Left 4 Dead PC

    After finally getting rid of my Fisher Price PC i have bought Left 4 Dead.


    Anyone play it?

    Any patches?

    Any mods?

    Anyone want to let me team with them?!



    Here ya go! - ]Clicky

    I will also update it with a link to a new map which I played yesterday.

    Check back later!

    Original Poster

    nice one! OK, a couple of things for you:

    I have only ever used Xfire and All seeing eye, so i am new to Steam (just downloaded and installed today!)

    I have only today ordered Left 4 Dead from Amazon, so give me a few days to receive and get installed.

    I have pm'd you my info.

    Many thanks!!!

    Steam will automatically download the latest patch (whether you want it to or not) so don't worry on that front.

    There are a couple of new user-made maps but I think they're campaign/survival only and I don't know how popular they are (I usually play versus). Valve have promised a forthcoming update 'will make it easier to get them'.

    I do play, but not that frequently and it tends to be rather late but I'd be happy to team up.

    EDIT: Oh, a word of warning: Steam requires you to use the same name for all steamworks games (anything that uses steam fully rather than just distribution and copy protection) so pick something that's appropriate to all games rather than a L4D specific one.

    Have you installed any community campaigns yet?

    A lot of them are better than the originals. Definitely tougher!

    steam: retro41
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