Left 4 Dead PC demo code token here :)

Ok normally when i get these codes i just ask for the first person to want one basically gets it but 2night im going to ask a question!

Ok because i love me Hip Hop (no laughing plz or pointing fingers!) the question is:

Who is Ill Bill's biological brother? artist name only plz



give the code to the next person that posts on this thread please

that would be me

Original Poster

Sorry that doesn't count hehe!

Yeah your right and damn he has a Fear and loathing avatar.....

Original Poster

Ok and tt can confer btw on this one, which deceased producer produced Ultramagneticc Mc's - Give The Drummer Some?

Paul C
short and sweet..hope i win..lol

Original Poster

Haha you win this one! n1 glad to see an old skooler (well you might of googled it hehe), soz waters.

was given a cd of them by an old friend..havent heard it for some time, think i'll go dig it out again...

Original Poster

Dig it m8

Ahhh I''m too late
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