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    bit of an odd one this but we have two bowls of peanuts left over from christmas and instead of just throwing them away I thought i'd be kind to the wildlife and create some sort of peanut mould so the little birdy's can have a nibble on something in the garden

    Only thing is I don't know where to start, my ingredients so far are peanuts lol...

    yes I'm weird, but what of it :-)


    Not salted are they?

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    Not salted are they?

    nope shelled raw peanuts

    I do it this way but I am sure others will do it better.
    I use a plastic drinking cup as a mould. Put string from the bottom over the side so you can hang it up if you prefer. Melt suet or dripping and mix some butter in. Mix dried fruit with the peanuts. I have pet birds so I also mix seed in. You can bulk it up with cerials, scraps of meat, crumbs, etc. Make sure you have enough fat to bind it. Spoon mixture into cups and allow to set. Peel away the cup and feed the birds.
    They are glad of it this time of year.

    hi there,the birds will love all the fat out of the grillpan ect and when you've got enough heat it up.crush the peanuts and then mix together with the fat.put it in old plastic containers and then put it in the fridge to set can also put wild bird seed in,old breadand other scraps.hope this helps

    I usually take a bag of peanuts with me to feed to the squirrels in the park. As soon as they hear the bag rustle they come from all directions. I get them to take the peanuts from my hand, though I've been bitten a few times!

    Hi! I got a cheap peanut feeder from Asda (£1.49) but I bet you can get them anywhere. You just put peanuts in and the birds love them. Please be careful with leftover fat, as it contains salt. Trex is a good fat to use if you want to make your own peanut cake and there are a few websites with "recipes".

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    thanks, unfortunately these have been mixed in a bag with roast peanuts, so i think i will just bin them

    thanks for the ideas though will come in handy for future uses

    Also, make sure you use animal fat too!
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