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Hey people!

I was in a dilemma, I wanted some advice and thought I would first ask our down to earth and the legal professional members on HUKD!

I have a letter from a tenant who entered a joint contract, however one if the is in arrears affecting the other. Can the individual in arrears (something he has suggested) write a letter accepting the arrears will be covered by him and the termination of the joint tenancy? And the other individual can resume a contract in his name?

I have a letter, can pm it?

Your advice would be much appreciated.



depence who your letting with.... and the other tenant would have to agree ( not 100% on this)

It would depend on the type of tenancy and the letting agent. There are different types of tenancy agreements and it would be impossible for anyone to give you advice unless they knew the full details!

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Hi there,

thanks for ur replies!

It's now on a periodic tenancy so can be cancelled with 1 month notice, but one tenant who pays his rent on time would like to resume the tenancy. However, it's a joint tenancy, so the debt is usually shared so the tenant with the arrears and who wishes to terminate the tenancy has agreed to give notice of termination and takes responsibilty of his arrears so the other tenant gets no blame.

I've got the letter I can pm once I remove personal details.
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