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    Whats the law with flashing consoles at the moment, I've seen recently that mr modchips has had charges lowered/dropped against him for selling mod chips and/or consoles fitted with a modchip saying that its no different to Dell selling a pc and the purchaser using the pc to watch downloaded movies


    In the UK as far as I understand modchips are legal as long as they are not used to boot illegal coies of copyrighted material ie ANY copy - even if you own the retail disc. Homebrew is fine, XBMC isn't - as it was written with the dev kit.

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    Previous discussions on this topic cover a lot of the legal … Previous discussions on this topic cover a lot of the legal positions:

    Unsure whether modchips and flashing are classed as the same thing.

    A mod chip is something you physically put inside a console to enable to do other things than what it was originally designed for, and flashing is altering a piece of hardware's firmware...

    will have a quick browse of other threads

    Who cares about the legalities? Poeple will do it regardless. The real issue is the aftermarket for pirated material.

    Well if fimware flashing / chipping of consoles becomes widely available - IMO it will result in a lot more people downloading games rather than buying.

    If it still remains a grey area which is more undercover, less exposure means less people will have there consoles chipped and therefore less likely to download and play games.
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