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Hello all, I got my switch awhile back but haven’t really had the time to play it much. I picked up Zelda a couple days ago and as it’s the first Zelda game I’ve played I didn’t realise it would be as big/a lot to do. So my question is...Does everyone 100% the game? For instance, do all the 100+ shrines and collect all those little seed things haha. I understand that it varies by person but what does the majority like to do.
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I completed whatever I found along the way. You can always go back after you have completed it to find any missed shrines. They do help you out if you colllect a fair amount to be fair (no spoilers) so they are worth going out of your way for
Play it however you enjoy doing so Personally I stopped following the main quest when I got to Kakariko and just went explorin lol. But I think I'll get back on the main quest soon Don't get stuck in a rut of playing a certain way as may lead to lesser enjoyment. Do whatever you want to do at the time
Im thinking of starting again tbh i got really stuck and altho im not keen on hand holding i felt a little bit more direction would of been helpful but i think im in the minority
I completed all the shrines. The korok seeds were too much but I managed to collect about 200 just from spotting them just in my general travels.
No, I played for about 20-21 hours. Did some shrines, unlocked the master sword and was rather bored at 15 hours in. I rushed the remainder of the storyline and never looked back.

The game didn't feel rewarding at all with the weapons breaking so suddenly.
So I spent most of my time climbing across the map instead of taking the scenic route.
I completed all 120 shrines and collected around 150+ seeds. Got all of the armour and completed about 2/3 of the side quests. Put many hours into but think I've done enough for now. Back to Witcher on XBox for now.
It's up to you how far you go - having all the shrines complete made the final fight probably easier than it might have been with just enough hearts.
I sprinted and blagged my way in to the castle and activated the shrine. Actually killed the game for me because I could just warp inside and good items/weapons respawn.
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