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Posted 13th Oct
I was searching through some voucher sites recently (groupon and buyagift) and it kept recommending to me 'wish' in my suggestions. The prices on there immediately make me think its a con, but i was wondering if anyone has any positive or negative experiences with wish or similar apps/websites to share.

Thanks in advance
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Products on wish are all counterfeit
Products on wish are all counterfeit
deals6913/10/2019 17:28

Products on wish are all counterfeit

Don't buy brand names on there. There's are some great items on there at great prices - the issue tends to be the delivery time. I have some Bluetooth ear buds, cost a few pounds, can't remember exactly but around £8. I use them all the time, they work well and hold their charge for around 4 hours of music. Only problem I had with them was the actual tip of the bud was very soft plastic and kept coming off. I simply replaced them with some decent ones of some defunct skullcandy earphones and all is well. Very light and comfortable.
On another note they do sell tablets with (apparently) amazing specs for next to nothing. I don't know if I believe these specs. One here
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Wish have a reputation as a dealer of the cheapest junk they can find, with products often only bearing a passing resemblance to the photos/description.
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