Lego 2012 Team GB Olympic Relay Runner and Stealth Swimmer wanted (swaps only)

    My son needs the relay runner and swimmer to complete his 2012 Lego Team Gb Olympic set.
    He has the Team GB Flexible Gymnast and the Horse Rider available to swap and (also the listed below) unopened polybag Lego.
    If anyone wants to swap let me know. He has loads of other Lego, Simpsons, older Lego etc but too numerous to list so if you want a certain one you never know he might have it. Just ask and I'll find out. Thanks.

    30161 DC Universe Superheroes Batmobile Set
    30210 Lego Lord of the Rings Frodo with cooking corner set
    30165 Lego Super Heroes Hawkeye with Equipment
    30160 DC Universe Superheroes Batman Jetski
    30211 Lego Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai with Ballista Set
    8028 Lego Star Wars Tie-Fighter
    30056 Star Wars Star Destroyer
    30200 Lego Monster Fighters Zombie chauffeur coffin car
    30018 Lego City Police Plane and figure
    30150 Lego City Race Car and Driver
    30010 Lego City Fire Chief set
    30085 Lego Ninjago Jumping Snakes set (includes Jay ZX)
    30086 Lego Ninjago Hidden Sword set (includes Zane ZX)

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