Lego Boost is coming! ROBOT LEGO!

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Found 7th Jan 2017
This looks awesome! The first kit will have 840 Bricks, Colour/distance/tilt sensors and a motor. Which will give you everything you need to build and program one of the 5 builds (obviously instructions will be included for all of those)

Things that you can build
Robot, Cat, Bulldozer, Guitar and a Lego stacking machine.

They have designed the kit, so that you can program it without having to know any kind of code. There will be a companion app too, so you can make commands from your Android or iOS device. Pretty nifty!

How much and when?

Pricing is said to be 159.99 USD - 159.99 Euros
So I guess we can expect £159.99 here in the UK?

Apparently the UK will see it in August 2017, but there's no specific day given at this point.

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I'm more a Lego duplo girl myself

I'm more a Lego duplo girl myself

I have heard some females prefer the larger brick!
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