Lego Imperial Star Destroyer £200? Is this the normal price?

    Ok. I am not into Lego but hubby said he has had his eye on this Lego set 75055.
    He bought it today from Amazon, £199, said it was much higher when he last checked. I just did camelcamelcamel and it looks as if it sells for much less than that?

    Anyone? I don't see it for sale on any other websites so cannot get a good comparison price.



    It's a discontinued set as of End of 2015. Hence the huge price hike. You won't get less than 200 now. Maybe about £180 on ebay

    Originally £119.99 when released last year:…yer
    As previous reply stated, not easy to find now, hence the price increase.

    £100 for the lego, £99 for playing with at the 'slippery pole' nightclub oO

    Original Poster

    Thanks folks, I got him to cancel the order!

    Good price. Only going to go up
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