Lego ninjago

Posted 27th May
It’s nearly downloaded but can’t get off the training level I’m wondering once it’s fully done will it move on or is anyone else having problems on ps4
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Best thing to do would be to put your PS4 in to rest mode, let the game fully download, and then restart the game and try playing it again.
Yeah I’m hoping once it’s finally finished it will work my boys been asking for it for ages
It needs to download completely and it'll let you out of training (though you'll have to do training again). I dont understand the game, theres too much going on but my son loves it except for cut-scenes which he doesnt understand concept of and cannot seem to skip.
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I thought I would be able to play it as it was downloading as there were two sections to the download
The training was to long was about to quit as I thought this was it good thing I got to next stage.
Nothing better to do lol
have u go to do ifflive before online?
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