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LEGO Powered Up Hub problems

Posted 26th May
Hello, around Easter time I brought the LEGO City 60197 Passenger Train from Amazon and I also brought some Duracell AAA batteries to get the hub and remote working. Within 5 hours of having the batteries in the hub has a orange flash displayed which from the manual means batteries are low so I replaced them the following day with some brand new Energizer AAA batteries and instantly it flashed orange it has not been working properly since. Every time the batteries are put in the right way and the batteries are placed correctly.

After every battery change I get around 1 min of power before it dies. The time of power I get is very minimalistic and the train wheels move very slowly before fading out of action.

I am 100% confident the Hub is the problem as the remote doesn't have a orange flash and I get the same response from the hub when I try to control the train via my phone on the app.

Below is an image of the Hub for those wondering what I'm on about.

I'm curious if this is an isolated case or if anyone else has had similar issues. Should I contact LEGO for a replacement or have I done something wrong. Thanks.
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Can you not just return it back to Amazon?
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