Lego Star Wars figures


    Can anybody help?? My nephew is collecting lego star wars figures. I think they come in plastic packets. I had a look around a couple of shops but couldn't see them.

    Does anybody know where to find them and how much they are?



    They don't do a LEGO Star Wars minfigure collection in can only get them with LEGO sets.

    I think you mean these:

    There are 4 different series so far and you can buy them in a lot of places like Supermarkets, WH Smith, Toys 'r' Us and newsagents.

    your best bet to accumulate star wars mini figures, is to buy the small £10 sets, usually come with 5 or so figures and a small space ship. they keep releasing different models and stock is low, some people i know buy these to sell the figures on ebay later when the set is discontinued.…8-1…8-3…8-8

    argos were doing those packets (non star wars) on 3 for 2, i stocked up last year for xmas stocking presents

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    Cheers guys. I had it in my mind that there were star wars packs, but they must have been from a set like you say or the packs above

    WH SMiths have these all over the shop (in the Trafford Centre),
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