Lego Star Wars Wii - Help to get past this level.....

    I think its Level 4 .. Where we are racing round trying to overtake another ship. We have collected everything possible but we just cant overtake or work out what to do to get past this level. It just seems to keep going on and on and restarting.... any ideas?


    have a look on Youtube loads of Lego Star Wars gameplay

    If it is the Pod Race level, you need to actually win the race to complete it

    Someone was asking exactly the same question here:


    Answer is go fast, win race basically...............

    EDIT: Tip found at Gamespot Forums:

    it doesn't matter what you do in the first 2 laps, absolute not.
    you can be the last one in the first 2 laps, it will not change anything.

    The 3rd( and the last) lap, is what makes you win the race.
    at the beginning of 3rd lap, you will notice only you and sebulba remain in the race.
    Try to get on all the "boost" strip throughout the lap, and avoid hitting any obstacle that slows you down, that's all.

    it might take a few tries for you to familiarize with the race track, once you do, you will have no problem winning. Good luck! the man says, Good Luck! :thumbsup:

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    Thanks all only just seen your replies... Rep added to all. Thanks will try this weekend! Wish me luck lol
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