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Posted 13th Apr

Just as I look to buy the most expensive lego set I've ever bought ("Lego Boost 17101") there are no free promotional sets available with purchases! Thats after giving away the 40" anniversary train, then the Easter freebies! Sods law!

Does any one know if there are any promotional sets coming up? Is there some way to find out ahead of their release? Are the shop calendars avaailble some where on-line?

As a PS does any one know where this set ("Lego Boost 17101") is available at a good price? Best Ive found is here…948

Thanks Glyn
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My son has that set and loves it! It's currently the truck with the fork lifter. It's gone up in price from looking just now at a few places. I sure we didn't pay more than £110! John Lewis are £150!!
Bought the bugatti when it came out didn't get anything free
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