Any hotels near to lego land and any deal on tickets so i dont use my deal points thanks sandi


    Check out [url][/url] they tend to have some good package prices for hotels & tickets

    They do have their own list…D62

    lastminute have some deals.…d=0

    legoland don't discount that much, and it does tend to be busy at the weekends. You could combine, and go to thorpepark if you've got old kids as its only 4 miles away ( live inbetween ). Legoland is really pitched at the 4-9 year olds

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    thankyou my girl is 9 so would it be a waste off time sandi

    Depends I guess on the girl. We've been season ticket holders for legoland for years, as it a couple of miles away and better than the local park, but my 8yr has no fear and loves the thorpepark rides. You need to be 1.3 m atleast, and 1.4 for the big thorpe rides. Legoland is good if its your first visit, and prob ok upto age 12 really. Bit like comparing disney and unversal studios, pitched at slightly different age groups.

    Legoland is very family, and safe run. Thorpe has the big rides, but can be full of teen chavs.


    Legoland (17-mar open) two new rides aren't due to open till the summer, and thorpe is open at the moment at the weekends, but only running with 60% of the rides.

    You can do what I do....Stay at Travelodge which is 9miles away and you can get rooms there for only £15 per night, much cheaper then staying with the nominated hotels.

    yup, slough, staines, bracknell lodges are fairly close.
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