Legoland queues that bad?

Posted 31st May
A lot of reviews lament the Legoland queues which seem to spoil the day for a lot of people. Would most people agree with this?

With covid aside I'm wondering if it's worth visiting over the Summer, I know they'll reopen with socially distanced rules at some point.
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Well if everyone standing 2m apart, I imagine queues will be several miles long
Well if everyone standing 2m apart, I imagine queues will be several miles long
The queue for just getting along the driveway into the car park at peak times is horrific enough! Let alone the queues for each individual ride.... I wouldn’t go again in August unless I had a 2 day pass to make it worthwhile
We have merlin passes, mainly because we live near them all, and legoland can have really long queues, especially for the non toddler rides.

We don’t have a problem with it, but that’s because we can go every week and just go for a few hours first thing.
If we were paying for each time then it’d be horrific and I’d never go again
Suicide! Will be busy enough normally let alone after this lockdown. That factored in with the two metre rule. Waste of a trip!
As someone who lives in Windsor, very close to legoland, I wouldn’t go anywhere nearer and that’s with free tickets!
It’s not unusual for the big rides (ninjago, dragon roller coaster, laser riders and even driving school) to have 90+ mins wait times especially on a peak time holiday. To be fair, this is similar to all big name rides at theme parks like chessington or Thorpe. If you’re just going for the day then head right for the big rides as soon as the park opens, then download the Park app to keep an eye on ride times. Usually around lunchtime the queues drop again. There’s also the option of fast passes etc, but they are pricey.

The reopening and application of social distancing will make the queues longer, but if people are apprehensive of going to crowded theme parks then the queue time might be similar anyway.
We spent two days there (booked through Legoland Holidays), using the Q-Bot system which reserves a space in the line and gives you a time slot so you don’t have to queue (you can only be in the queue for one ride at a time) and we still didn’t get to do everything, though we did 90%. If the weather is nice, you could easily spend a day in the water park alone. We were fortunate with the weather but only let the boys spend two hours there as to have time for other rides. It’s a great park and I would go back, but you need more than one day if you want do most of it. If you’ve only got one day, I’d recommend paying for the Q-Bot and looking online at the rides to decide which ones you really want to do so you can prioritise those.
One of the very best innovations the govt and LAs could make is offer staggered half terms in every area. Or even a staggered school week. This will help venues as well as the public.
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Pre-lockdown If go ‘midweek’ term time LegoLand Windsor is not overly busy. Weekends n school holidays would be heaving . Merlin have published a Covid reopening measures plan.

Maybe if they have virtual queues might help.
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