Legoland Ticket

    I'm taking the kids to Legoland tomorrow and used my clubcard vouchers to get our tickets. My daughters friend is now coming too so I need an extra child ticket, cheap as poss! Anyone have any ideas?


    Only way I can think of is to get a child goes free ticket from somewhere and then start talking to people in the queue and see if you can pursuade an adult who is paying full price and doesn't have a child with them to use the voucher to get your daughters friend in free. Hope you have a good day.

    Leave one child in park...go back out cause you forgot something and come back with other child on ticket...or do they stamp your hand?

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    lol dmtuk....I cant remember but it maybe a back up plan!

    was thinking that Thelslander just dont know if I'll have the balls to actually ask anyone!

    thanks for replies x
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