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I would like to go to legoland Windsor by a hot deal virgin train or megatrain

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Please could I get some feedback



I would like to go to legoland Windsor by a hot deal virgin train or … I would like to go to legoland Windsor by a hot deal virgin train or megatrain

Where are you from and what age children do you have, if any:)

Clubcard vouchers make it cheaper as well if you have any.

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I'm from London and I have vouchers but Ijust wanted to go with either megatrain for a pound or Virgin train for cheap as it is the first time I have been on this site

Doyou mean megabus? That is the cheapest way to travel however its a very long journey as you cover all pick ups.Prices are quid plus 50p booking fee.You seriously cant get better than that.Id put up with the long journey as legoland is VERY expensive, so save your money on travel as your going ot need it in legoland. [url][/url] to book your travel etc.. Also go to legoland web site and buy and print your own tickets,it will save queu3ing AND money!

Here you go matey:


Remember your vouchers are worth 4 times their face value :thumbsup:

Legoland costs a fortune!, Haven't been back since the late 90's (think it was 1998) but it cost a fortune then, Think the tickets were £38 quid.

I thought it was pants, No rides (apart from a very small lego cars and an extremely small track!) so it was rubbish, Not sure if its changed much though! (Apparently they have a few rides and more Lego stuff)

Went to Thorpe park and enjoyed that a lot more though!

Totally agree with you there IOM. i took kids last yr to the bonfire spectacular. It cost fortune to get in,Queues were ridiculous,nothing sticks in my mind to give positive praise. I do rememeber ridiculously priced food and drinks! The fireworks was good but wasnt on till late evening which ment we hung around ALL day. For a show that we could have seen local for 1/4 of the price.
Would never waste my money in going there again.


Would never waste my money in going there again.

Yup!, Thats why we've never been back, If it was cheaper (Say £10 a ticket) then i'd be intrigued to go in and see whats different, But when its a family paying £120+ just to get into the poxy place, No way!!!

We went to Legoland on Monday, big mistake during School Holidays as it was horrendously busy, didn't get to do many of the attractions at all as it was at least 1 hour queue for each ride, some were 1 hour and 20 minutes, park opens at 10am and closes as 7pm, we got there at 10.30 and left at 7 and didn't even stop for lunch but only managed 7 attractions making it a poor value for money day out.

The park itself is good.

We used a Woolworths BOGOF voucher for 2 adults and used a Tesco voucher for our daughter.

I wouldn't recommend the Megabus if it's going to get you to the park late as it would be false economy to save on the bus but lose half of your day in travelling!
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