lenova yoga lap tops

Found 18th Dec 2017
can anyone recommend ones of these i was looking at the macbook pro but they are expensive , i need one mainly for browsing watching movies and general pc work, many thanks
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No insult intended but I hope you realise you are comparing apples and pears here when saying there is a direct comparison in your mind between a Macbook and an Windows PC.

Having said that; I hate Macbooks (and most things Apple actually) but its a far better machine than the Yoga and keeps a far higher resale value for far longer.
i have one of these and works great for browsing and microsoft office. very fast laptop.

it lets me down on watching movies though as the screen is not HD quality so i watch movies on the tv or the ipad air, which have HD screens. if you want to use the laptop to watch movies, get one with HD screen.

battery life is also poor on the laptop.
hi mate yeah i am aware of the apples n pears , i have a 10 yr old mac and it is still as fast as when i bought it hence why i was debating to buy a pro , but just to use it for general use am not sure if i can warrant, the cost
No, got one for my mrs and she doens't do anything special but it just stopped booting very times, then all the time after about 14 months. Checked all the bits and bobs MB fault and a common problem with these. UK support is worse then rubbish. Avoid.
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