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Lenovo Phone purchased from Banggood, refusal to accept phone back, unless I send a video of my complaint. As I cannot get into the phone and cannot use it, how do I create a video? As I am 92 years of age they are being most unhelpful, I held on to the chat line for 45mins, to be told to go to another web site, when I entered the details, came up "!Not Found" The mobile was one of the deals on your daily EMail

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first of all, well done for achieving the age of 92 and still have all your faculties about you. i would be over the moon if i still have all my faculties by the time i reach 60. lol.

sending a video complaint is just ridiculous. did they explain why they needed a video complaint? what do they want to see on the video? a demonstration of what is wrong with the phone? seems very odd as they should just ask you to send your phone in to them.

If you paid with your credit card you may may be able to claim back from your credit card company instead.

92 and you're using HUKD?! You're so cool!

Sorry, I don't have any advice to add though X)

Have you (or your grandchildren) got another device that you could use to video the problem? camera on a laptop for example?

As above though - I'd go to the credit card company and raise a chargeback.
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A laptop / netbook probably has a built-in webcam, and there is a little test app that can record.
For a desktop, you can pick up a webcam as cheap as £2

Then you could also Skype from your PC
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