Lenovo 3000 N500 T4200 or Acer Aspire 2930 T5800 for me?

Found 26th Jan 2009
Hi, some advice please all you techys! I'm at a crossroads where I can go left and get the Lenovo or right for the Acer. I'm not sure what to do and would appreciate some advice.

I'd like a decent quality lightish reliable lappy (not too big) with a decent battery life.
It will be used as a second machine for surfing, downloading and storing music, emails and storing photos.

The lenovo appeals to me as the brand seems to be fairly reliable from my research (ex IBM) and although it's a 15" machine it seems fairly well built and light, but I would say the disadvantages are nowhere seems to have one I can play with, and the processor is not great compared to the other machine.

The Acer is well specified (better processor) light, but from the same research Acer have had patchy build quality in the past.

I can get both machines for sub £400 which is the upper limit of what I want to pay and would be keeping the laptop for 2 years plus.

Any thoughts?


Stick with Acer evn tho they have a patchy history it is a much better machine just make sure that uu have the normal years warranty and you should be fine i have an acer and have not had any problems to date

I would go for the Lenvo. I purchased an Acer which broke down after a few weeks it was replaced twice. In the end I replaced it for Lenovo, that was a year ago and is still going strong with no problems.

I purchased the Lenovo 3000 N500 a week back. For 350 quid, this is easily the best laptop out there. I configured the same laptop specs with dell and it came in at 700 quid. This is definitely a 700 quid laptop.

This laptop is quite simply amazing. If you've read a single negative comment about, it's wrong - plain and simple.

The graphics are amazing, screen wonderful. The keyboard is a joy; mousepad - a breeze. The processor speed is breathtaking for the price. Sound is wonderful - but you do need to modify it heavily at a fairly techy level but it can be done - and it's well well worth doing so.

This laptop has set the bar for value in the laptop arena. Nothing comes close to this machine - not even within lightyears of this. I still can't believe it was only 350 quid.

The battery takes 3 days to hit its peak potential. I get at least 4.5 hours - first day I was lucky to get 2 - almost sent it back - what a mistake that would have been.

I've absolutely horsed this laptop and it's handled everything with aplomb.

As you'll notice, it's now difficult to get this - last week, stocks were massive - now - most stores have run out. How news travels fast.

i've owned tons of laptops over the years - none of them better than really poor desktops - this blows my top end desktop out of the water.

What are you waiting for?
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