lenovo i3 laptop from btshop

    so I bought one of these from the deal mentioned, have only had it a month maybe less and yesterday I got a blue screen with error code irql not less or equal. it restarted itself and was fine after but is this something I should be worried about when it's pretty much brand new?


    This is the complicated official answer. (clickable) In layman terms it's usually a faulty device driver software for one of the components (usually Network Card / Ethernet adaptor) inside the laptop. At present most of the laptops with Windows 10 are undergoing the Anniversary updates that are causing countless errors and faults to appear. Hopefully over the next few days revisions and driver updates should resolve your issue. Otherwise Google your exact model of Lenovo, or use their Forums (click) and see if there is a problem with one of the components. If no luck speak to BT / Dabs Technical Support or Customer Support for advice.

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    thanks so much for replying, I did contact lenovo this morning who advised to do a factory reset

    With a factory default it will reset the laptop to it's original settings and drivers. If the error was caused by a corrupted driver, then the problem will be resolved. Just to be aware if the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) was caused by an update, then the fault and crash could re-appear in the future as the new drivers or settings is re-applied in the future. Unfortunately with Windows 10 the updates are automatic.

    If it is now running, leave it. Just be cautious over the next week or so and back up any important data. As previously mentioned it is 90% sure its a issue around the recent updates and it will probably work itself out.

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    great thanks for all the replies. luckily I haven't got much data on it seeing as only 3 weeks old lol but haven't had the issue again since so will see how I go.
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