Lenovo Ideapad 100S Factory Settings

Posted 17th Oct 2016

Can anyone please tell me how i reset my Lenovo Ideapad 100S to factory settings?

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Google it that should tell you
Did that before i posted.
Step 1
Turn off the computer and press the Novo button, located to the left of the power button on the front of the PC.
Step 2
Select "Lenovo OneKey Recovery System" using the directional keys and then press "Enter" to boot into the recovery environment.
Step 3
Click "OneKey Recovery," select "Restore From Initial Backup" and then click "Next."
Step 4
Click "Start" and choose "Yes" at each prompt to reset the Lenovo IdeaPad to its factory default condition.
Thanks Derkyboy, i'll give it a try.

Thanks Derkyboy, i'll give it a try.

One key can also be found in the program sorry app menu
Novo button won't work if it's had a clean install done and secure boot has been disabled. There is some bad advice on here from someone who mentions to delete all partitions when performing a clean install. When you do that on Lenovo yoga you lose the secure boot facility which means your Novo button doesn't work anymore.
Can you not do a windows 10 refresh and if you can't boot go on another pc put windows 10 on USB and boot t that and repair?

Edit: Sorry read the question wrong!
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