Posted 18th Jan 2023
Hey all, in need of help from you good folk again

Anyone extended their warranty through Lenovo? How are they for repairs, good experience?

I've got a lenovo laptop, didn't buy it from them but it has a month left of warranty. It does have an issue that needs fixing but I'm not sure whether to upgrade my warranty first and then

I was thinking of extending the warranty, would the basic depot tier be fine + accidental damage coverage?

The second tier is on site repairs but the prices are very high when I go through the Lenovo vantage Portal. I don't remember it being quite this much, £200 for 3 years! And I have to pay for the first year which has mostly gone by at this point!

Anyone know if there's a way to get a discount?

Any advice or tips welcome, thanks
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    It basically stands for nothing. Don't bother. I have the 24 months premium cover with onsite support and accidental damage.

    Onsite visit never happened for a warranty issue, had to send it in, fault was temporarily bodged and laptop returned with scuff marks and scratches.

    Then made a claim for the accidental damage about a year later. Again no onsite visit. Sent it off. Told they weren't able to repair and were waiting for parts. Now roungly 7 weeks after the incident happened and still waiting. A complaint to them returned no luck aside from an offer to cancel and refund the few remaining months of the extended warranty on a pro-rata basis - But no progress in sorting out the laptop issue. Ended up buying a replacement elsewhere and will just sell the Lenovo if/when I ever see it again.
    Well that's about the worst thing I could hear...
    I won't bother with the onsite then, sounds ludicrous if they're not even going to honour it.
    But I do need this repaired and having a warranty would be nice.
    What would you recommend instead?

    No going back from Lenovo for me now.
    They've kept your laptop for 7 weeks?! How bad was the damage? Which laptop?
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    The merchant that sold you the rubbish holds the statutory quality and durability obligations.
    You can claim for premature failure up to six years from purchase, unless you live in Scotland.
    No extended warranty required.
    Does it work the same if the item isn't new? It was bought from Curry's clearance as refurbished
    In their defence they have been very helpful and offered to take it back for a full refund but I got a good deal and like the laptop so wouldn't really want that. They don't do repairs
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    Ideally I'd take the refund and get something else but I paid around £900 for an RTX 3070 and they're over a grand now

    Add the cost of the warranty you were considering to the £900 refund that Currys has bizarrely offered,
    and likely for similar price of your existing busted refurb+(possible)warrantyrepair taking an age and a day you could purchase new device and use it immediately, complete with fresh manu warranty plus a reset to the statutory 6 years premature failure claim period.
    But surely I can't remove the cost of warranty because I'd have to purchase another warranty if I bought a new laptop and it'd work out the same?
    As for the 6 year thing, is that for failures or for faults? Because usually I find retailers don't touch it after 1 year and will fob you off anyway.

    My refurb does work btw, it just has an issue with the touchpad
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    I'm not understanding the concept of
    I'd have to purchase another warranty if I bought a new laptop
    There is no obligation to buy warranty.
    The merchant has statutory, not voluntary, obligations to ensure quality and durability for the lifetime of the product or 6 years - whichever occurs first.
    Those two words of "quality" and "durability" are lifted directly from the statutory legislation, and cover failures, faults, non-performance, generally busted, and any other form of premature issue.
    Most devices come with additional manufacturer warranty of 12m or more.
    Maybe you mean accidental damage insurance?
    In which case many items shifted by and/or fulfilled by Amazon are offered with optional minimal-cost monthly accident+extendedwrty ins or lump sum ins policies, random example at £1.39/m on some Lenovo rubbish, increasing with increased product cost:

    OP - I agree that you don't have to purchase a warranty. As others have said, take the refund and buy a replacement. It'll be brand new, new warranty and statutory cover. At most It'll cost a couple of hundred, and before Christmas, there were 3070 laptops <£1000. Keep an eye on deals.

    What @AndyRoyd is failing to mention, and in my opinion is being misleading, is that yes, you have 6 years to claim, but that doesn't mean you've effectively got a '6 year warranty for free'.

    Beyond 6 months, you'd need to prove either that the fault was inherent or the quality/durability is not what a "reasonable person" would expect.

    For instance, a bargain basement laptop wouldn't be expected to last as long as a premium model. Whether a laptop should last 6 years without the failure the OP has encounterd is open to debate and the customer to prove. 'Wear and tear', accidental damage, or a battery wouldn't be covered.

    Successful resolution could be repair, replacement, or partial refund, taking into account the age and use you've had, based on the expected lifespan of the product.

    This liability remains with the original retailer, not manufacturer. (edited)
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    I've a chromebook with lenovo bought off another ebay user. Warranty repaired the motherboard due to faulty USB C charging ports. Extended for £24 and about to send it off again for exactly the same issue. I had a very quick response of 1.5 weeks (pickup and drop off by UPS). Couldn't fault it. That was during covid too.
    Thank you, good to hear that
    Did you just buy the basic warranty then?
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    With this mindset we need to be looking to insure the warranty.
    Then the warranty buyer might be able to sidestep the occasions when the warranty provider declines to provide warranty service due to the alleged issue being identified as not being covered, as faults attributed to the reckless actions of the owner's vicious goldfish are not unreasonably excluded.

    Additionally insuring the warranty insurance could add an additional safety net, as would obtaining liability insurance for vicious pets.
    Insuring the warranty? How does that work?
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    This thread reinforces my thoughts about sticking with either Amazon or John Lewis for my next laptop purchase. Yeah the law 6 years etc. but then when it's time to ask the retailer to fix it and they start to find every possible excuse to avoid it you end up in a long sometimes excruciating battle to have them done. Those muddaf@kka know that most people won't have infinite time and resilience to make them do what they are suppose to do under law obligation, they know that they gonna win many battles thanks to people's lack of knowledge,inertia,busy lives and so on. That's what I hate of this all business. I worked as KnowHow technician at Curry's in 2012 and send them to fek0ff after 1 year,because I have a work ethic and didn't want to fool honest people or try to oversell sh1t by exploiting other people's fears and ignorance (example anti-virus bundles). So I know how much stressful can be for everyday people with no technical and / or law background to try to have their faulty electrical products repaired or replaced or refunded.
    From theory to desperation and quitting the journey could be rough.
    Of course for THOSE people with time and knowledge on their hands and willing to go through all the pain involved,it might be worth...myself got enough knowledge but not much time with 3 kids and will probably mutate into Viking assassin mode if obstructed by unfair silly managers like I described so...will try to avoid and will spend sometimes more with the fewer ones which are still reasonable to deal with..
    Tell me your opinions folks (edited)
    I get what you mean this has often been my thinking too. Some retailers are very bad when it comes to warranty and some won't give you the time of day and just start copy pasting generic responses saying they won't help so you have to take hours out to call them and then re explain how they're fobbing you off only to get fobbed off again!

    I will say Curry's have been excellent in dealing with this though
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    @KencoOutMyNostrils What exact model do you have? Perhaps someone can find the same or better for £900 (or close).
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