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Found 29th Mar 2017
Broke the screen last week. Any ideas where i can get it repaired from. Cant seem to find anywhere to fix it. Its a very popular model but no one seems to know where i can get it fixed from as parts cant be sourced. Is there any lenovo repair or service center near birmingham. Thanks
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You're best off sending it to Lenovo to get it fixed as an OOW. You can't even get a decent range of screen protectors or cases for the P2 so there's next to no chance of finding a repairer, outside of Lenovo themselves. The downside of course is that it could cost you over £100 for a new screen, which is approaching the actual cost of the entire handset.
gonna be hard to find a screen.. try finding a used phone on eBay or as the above post says send it to lenovo
I've just looked and mine is covered on my bank account for accidental damage, still a £75 excess though. You don't have any insurance attached to an account or household policy that would cover you by any chance? Mine will replace if they can't fix as well.

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Hi refix, do let me know if you come across any solutions. I have the same problem, I'm in central london and I tried two mobile repair shops, both said their suppliers dont have the screens. And sending off to lenovo isn't really a great option, as the cost will be high, and would be without a phone for who knows how long
Any news, mine just broke from a short drop?

Any news, mine just broke from a short drop?

I couldnt find anywhere to fix it. Mines still broken.
Seems like u have to contact lenovo as no other shop can get the parts for this phone.
Costs about £114-118 to fix and not worth it.Mine is just sitting in its box till screens drop to at least £80.

The screens are extremely fragile and would have got another brand had i known the cost of replacement screens.If you still have a working phone i suggest you get a armoured case from another phone with similiar dimensions as the ones for the phone are rubbish.
Mine has just broken as well. A very small crack but annoying. Dropped from about 2 foot onto carpet. So disappointed with this. And nowhere to fix. Let me know if you find anywhere, I live in Birmingham. I will get it done with Lenovo but such a nightmare.
Same issue unfortunately, great phone but weak glass. Please let us know if anyone has better luck..
Shame i thought i was unlucky but tbh the screen is poo poo. You can get from aliexpress for around £90 and luckily it's not hard to replace but don't fancy another cracked screen
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