Lenovo Yoga 2 10 inch tablet battery replace

Found 5th Jul
Just wondering if worth purchasing and trying to find someone who can replace failing battery? Had tablet a few years and still use regularly. Perfect condition otherwise.
Worth battery purchase and cost of someone replacing? Or time for new tablet?
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If you are happy with it and it does what you want you're not going to miss the faster speed (maybe), better graphic (maybe), the greater storage (maybe). You get the idea.

Unless you drop it the battery tends to be the major fail on a tablet. Not sure what OS it's on, but you may find that some apps are not supported or have limited functions at some point. I use a 3 year old Google nexus gen 2, its fast enough for me (watching video's, streaming films, playing pubg) but I have no illusion that eventually I will need to replace it as some apps are not supported.
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